Welcome (cont’d)


Our purpose is twofold:  First, to provide information about a very effective meditational practice we discovered in the mid-1990’s, and have been teaching successfully ever since.  And second, to promote the interconnectedness of all traditions of Truth: all religions, all sciences, all philosophies have the same origin, the same focus, and the same goal.  We can explore these common origins, aims and connections historically, or esoterically, or scientifically – Ultimately we realize we’ve been studying ourselves.  And when all the layers have been peeled away, there is only one Truth, one Consciousness, one Infinite Singularity that transcends even “One.”

We use the metaphor of a forest for reasons you may read about, but also because it creates the kind of mindset we’d like to encourage.  Roaming forest pathways is a pleasant and unifying experience; beliefs in separation seem to drop away when we immerse ourselves in the journey.

Just mouse over the heads of the pictured sages to see the forest pathways, and click to select.  If you want to explore the entire site, begin with the standing figure at twelve o’clock (if you’re seeking a meditation practice that’s easy to learn and very effective ⎯ If not, there are many other pathways to wander that we hope you’ll find interesting and informative.)  Move to the next figure to your right and continue in a clockwise direction as the pathways develop in complexity and scope.     Some pages are complex and may take a little longer to load; we appreciate your patience.

Once you’ve begun a pathway, the prompts at the bottom of each page will allow you to navigate anywhere else on the path or the site.  When you reach the end of a particular trail, you may find the opportunity to “Quantum Link” to an external site that continues your path of enquiry. 

We hope you return often and tarry long; enjoy the journey!

There is only one tradition of enlightenment on the Earth,

there is only one Teaching, there is only one religion.

That which appears different on the surface is united at the depths: there is only one Ascendant, only one path to it,

only one natural and effortless system of realizing it . . . .

The Truth is One, God is One,

the variegated experiences of life on Earth

are only a drama created for our enjoyment.

~ MSI ~